Crew Systems Corporation specializes in the design of chem/bio protective gear

Crew Systems Corporation specializes in the design of chemical/biological (chem/bio or CB) protective gear
that interfaces with standard helmet, communications systems, CB respirator, and oxygen mask equipment. The flexibility of our design, which was meant primarily for military and defense aircraft fighter pilots, makes the gear applicable and adaptable for Homeland Security personnel and Special Operations forces.

Our primary line of business is the design of personal military Life Support Equipment (LSE), mainly for US Army, Air Force, and Navy aviators as well as international military aircrew. Our products provide CB, hearing/auditory, and respiratory protection for the head and (upper) torso for users in both the rotary-wing (helicopter) and fixed-wing (fast jet) communities.

In addition to our LSE Systems and overall design engineering capabilities, we have extensive expertise in anthropometry, pneumatic design/analysis, filter/blower systems, tooling development, production methodology, and CAD-based design to production transitions.

Our experience and skills with plastics, composites, and specialized design can be applied to a wide variety of industries. We will work with any manufacturer to produce a better computer-generated design that will meet industry specialized or general specifications.

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