Crew Systems Corporation Experience

Crew Systems Corporation has been involved in the following Life Support Equipment (LSE) development projects:

•  Joint Strike Force (JSF)
•  European Fighter Aircraft (EFA)
•  Gripen Aircraft Helmet System
•  Integrated Helmet/NBC Respirator for the German Air Force (FAS)
•  Aircrew Integrated Helmet System (AIHS)
    -- HGU-56/P Army Program
•  USAF Combined Advanced Technology
   Enhanced Design G Ensemble (COMBAT EDGE)
•  Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) -- USAF Program
•  Tactical Life Support System (TLSS) -- USAF Program

An example of our non-military work is the production of an injection molded check tray for the Federal Reserve. This effort involved reverse engineering the existing tray, selecting an appropriate material based on comparative analysis (selected a 30% glass-filled polyurethane), reverse engineering a number of metal components, creation of production tooling for all including an injection mold for the tray, and fabricating and delivering over 2000 units.

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